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驰援意大利,咱是国家队!National care, national team! Aeonmed for Italy


Hanging over like dark clouds all over the world, by the end of 16th Mar, COVID-19 affected 136 countries and regions (China excluded) with a confirmation of 86398 patients. Italy is one of the severe areas having almost 1/3 which means 24747 confirmed patients.


During this utmost urgent time, beyond the boundary, virus is the common enemy that all the human being on this planet should unite together to fight against. State Councilor and Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi said that China and Chinese people understand and have the same situation that Italian people are going through. We will step up efforts on exporting urgent medical material and devices.

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这几日,中国抗疫医疗专家组、紧急医疗器械和物资正陆续驰援意大利。面对中国的雪中送炭,3月14日的晚上,意大利罗马市政府播放了中国国歌《义勇军进行曲》,并有人大声高喊“Grazie Cina!”(感谢中国),周围居民纷纷鼓掌致意,感人肺腑!

Chinese Anti-COVID-19 professional team and medical material and devices had arrived in Italy this week. A moving scene is that for expressing their huge appreciation to China, the Rome city government played the Chinese national anthem: March of the Volunteers through broadcast and some of Italian shout it out “Grazie Cina!” with others applauding.


Beijing Aeonmed Co., LTD., as the leading manufacturer of ventilator and a splendid national brand in China medical device industry, is proud of being a member of this National Team. VG70 ventilator from Aeonmed will go to Italy with our hope and bless for people there. Aeonmed has already been set on fire for more than 2 months since the first day that COVID-19 spread domestically. All staff made a contribution to this target which is extreme time limited and amount tremendous.



Domestically, more than 2000 Aeonmed ventilators were put into use as the most solid backup and dependable partner stood by our doctors and nurses. Among them, VG70 ventilator is the most outstanding one widely used among hospitals. Internationally, our VG70 ventilators with an intense sympathy and caring from Chinese people will go out to the battle and win it against COVID-19!


Human destiny is closed linked together since ever. “Guard Life Sincerely!” was, is and will always be Aeonmed’s undoubtable responsibility. Time is not the only target that we need to compete for now, also we are focusing and trying hard to fight for more survival on this planet. Aeonmed is here for you and believe that we will win the fight!

Forza Italia! Fighting against COVID-19, Aeonmed is with you!

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